Buying Garden Water Features

We offer you the most appropriate way to accentuate the looks of the your garden with our artistic Stone Fountain. An ideal piece if you are considering space management as they can be conveniently mounted against the wall as per the requirement whether indoors or outdoors. We have infused originality & creativity that is beautifully manifested in our range of Garden Fountains. Distinct designs by us on natural marble stones are simply a work of art & elegance. These garden fountains enhance the beauty of the surroundings by giving it a blend of an antique & contemporary look & are available in exotic shapes, varieties and colors. Dress up a blank wall in your backyard with a vertical outdoor water feature for garden.

They are beautiful decorative pieces that will last for years and you can choose from a large number of different styles and designs. It doesn’t matter if you have a small garden or plenty of space to work with – an outdoor fountain can be placed anywhere. So find the one that will go with the overall theme of your landscape and make it a focal point that will draw attention from everyone. Our impressive, auto-ignite, fire and water features are perfect as stand-alone fountains or when integrated into ponds and waterfalls. Aquascape fountains can be stand-alone features or installed into an existing pond or waterfall to add a unique decorative accent to your water garden.

Rippling water and soft sprays will make your backyard seem cooler, while giving it a calming feel. These fountains, bubblers, ponds, and more offer inspiration to match any style, ranging from naturalistic to modern. You can actually make a water feature in a bowl for your outdoor space and it’s not too difficult. ‘Water makes a lovely focal point in any garden but isn’t always the easiest to install. A running water feature needs a pump and a reservoir, which can involve digging a large hole and hooking electrics up to the mains,’ says DIY expert, Jo Behari.

You can build this beautiful artesian fountain in just two days. And once it’s built, you don’t have to worry about maintenance. In this story, we’ll show you everything you need to construct this stone fountain, complete with running water. Adding a garden fountain to the landscape will refresh the surrounding nature and make your garden feel serene and calming. It will also bring more life to your outdoor space and create a welcoming atmosphere for your friends and family. Water, whether still or flowing, has a tactile quality; you just want to hold your hands under a sheet of water and play with it, or dip your fingers into its surface and create ripples.

A more subtle bubbler also creates a soothing atmosphere as water gurgles and trickles from it. This one’s simple round basin fits in easily among colorful plants. A water feature doesn’t have to be a flashy embellishment in the center of your garden.

So it’s worth thinking about how your water feature will sound as well as how it will look. In the famous gardens of Villa d’Este in Italy there are water features that even play music. Probably a little ambitious for your average domestic plot, but more achievable sounds can range from a gentle resonant plink to a gurgling rush, gentle lapping or simple splashes.

Most water features are electronically controlled, ranging from simple timer actuators to sophisticated computerized controls for synchronizing music to water and light animation. Aquascape decorative water features are the perfect way to add a splash of water to your landscape! Fountains and mini ponds are available in a variety of styles and sizes and can be installed in just a couple of hours. If you love the sound of water in the garden, a decorative water feature is your perfect beginning. Before you even see a water feature in the garden, unless it’s a completely still pool, you will hear it.

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