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If the application is required to be advertised, the notice of hearing of the application must be lodged in quadruplicate. An application for a gaming-related licence must be lodged with the Principal Registrar in triplicate. Except during any period of suspension, an approval under this clause remains in force unless sooner cancelled. The Board may vary any condition imposed by the Board on an approval under this clause, or suspend or cancel such an approval, but only after giving the holder of the approval an opportunity to make submissions. If the Board refuses an application for approval, it must give notice of the refusal in writing to the applicant setting out the reasons for the refusal.

An account holder is solely responsible for ensuring that the account holder’s personal identification number (“PIN”) is kept confidential and that no other person has access to the account holder’s player card. The account holder is liable for any losses that might arise from, or in connection with, the account holder’s failure to comply with such responsibilities. The names and signatures of 2 nominees of the hotelier certifying that each of them has seen the prize-winning combination and that the record made in accordance with this clause is correct in all details. Unless the hotelier or club has received the Board’s written approval to do so. The date and time of the return of the 플레이포커 머니상 machine or device from the person to the dealer. When claiming the prize, requests in writing to the hotelier, club or licensee, or to an employee of the hotelier, club or licensee, that anything disclosing the person’s identity not be published.

The notices may be attached to, or placed on top of, an approved gaming machine or may consist of a permanently visible light emitting display that forms part of the gaming machine. Advises that the information will be supplied by the hotelier or registered club in the relevant language on request by a patron of the hotel or club. If a meter of an approved gaming machine kept by a registered club ceases to function or malfunctions, the club must cause it to be repaired as soon as practicable after it so ceases or malfunctions. If a prize is awarded in a non-monetary form, the hotelier or registered club must give the prizewinner the choice to be paid money instead. Subclause does not apply in relation to an approved gaming machine that is stored by the hotelier at such place and in such circumstances as may be approved by the Board. Permit an approved gaming machine in the hotel to be operated at any time other than a time when liquor may be lawfully sold or supplied under the Liquor Act 1982 in the restricted area in which the gaming machine is kept.

The information contained in a record referred to in subclause must be reported by the hotelier to the Board in a form approved by the Board within 21 days after the end of each instalment period. The progressive jackpot reconciliation must be in or to the effect of a form approved by the Board and must be retained by the hotelier for not less than 3 years after the reconciliation is carried out. The information contained in a record referred to in subclause must be reported by the hotelier to the Board in the form approved by the Board within 21 days after the end of each instalment period. A dealer must allocate a serial number to each approved gaming machine manufactured, assembled or sold by the dealer.

If the relevant premises have not been erected, the requirement to fix a copy of an application to the relevant premises may be satisfied by fixing the copy to a notice board erected on the land on which it is proposed to erect the premises. The copy must be fixed to the relevant premises for the whole of the period of 14 days before the hearing date. An applicant must serve a copy of the application, with the date of hearing inserted in it, on the local council for the area in which the relevant premises are located.

Any change in the name of the licensee, the licensee’s principal business address or postal address, telephone number or facsimile number. The Board’s decision takes effect when written notice of its decision is given to the applicant, or on a later date specified in the notice. The applicant may, within the period allowed by the notice, arrange with the Board for the making of submissions to the Board as to why the proposed action should not be taken. Must not dispose of the device or equipment otherwise than in accordance with the approved directions of the CMS licensee. A person who, as a result of gross negligence during the design, manufacture, assembly, installation, maintenance or repair of an authorised CMS, makes provision to gain an advantage in the operation of the CMS is guilty of an offence.

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