Characteristics that consumers want in high-quality pipes and rigs

First, you’ll need to decarboxylate your cannabis concentrates to convert THCa into THC. Cook butter or oil with the concentrate to mix the cannabinoids with the fats. Once the oil is infused, you can use it in any meal or drink for a satisfying munchie and high. All you need is a dab nail that has the right-sized ground joint.

It is one of the easiest ways to smoke sativa vs hybrid without a dab rig. Make sure you take out some time to read online reviews about some quality and long lasting vape pens before buying one, especially if you are planning to vape regularly. Try not to take the lighter too close to the bowl as this could quickly melt your dabs. You wanted to do some dabs, but you will be doing both herbs and concentrates. Take a small amount of dabs with the sharp tip of your dab tool. If you can, suspend the dab from the end and gently drop it onto the bowl.

They are also developing many desirable characteristics that consumers want in high-quality pipes and rigs. A nectar collector is a straw with a quartz or titanium tip, often known as a honey straw or dab straw. Many vaporizers are built particularly for the usage of concentrates such as wax.

Marijuana wax is similar to another marijuana concentrate, shatter, but it has a different texture. Shatter is also a highly potent concentrate that’s created by extraction, but shatter is solid and brittle. This means that shatter tends to hold up a bit better than wax over time, but also makes shatter more challenging to dose. If you don’t have a dab rig, but still want to consume your tasty dabs, why not try cooking them into edibles? Sure, you won’t be getting that immediate hit from smoking wax, but you can experience a longer-lasting and stronger high after ingesting the edible. Of all the different ways to smoke dabs, dab rigs are the preferred method.

Next, heat the bottom tip of your nectar collector with your blowtorch. Allow your nectar collector to cool to your desired temperature . Then, touch the heated bottom tip of your nectar collector to the wax in your heat-resistant dish to vaporize your wax. Finally, gently inhale on the cool end of your nectar collector.

In essence, they work like dab rigs but allow for portability so you can enjoy concentrates on the go. At this point, simply use a dabber to add a bit of extract onto the heated surface of the blade. This will cause the extract to vaporize immediately, which will create a trail of rising vapor that can be immediately inhaled.

When smoking wax, you’re likely to experience a powerful, long-lasting high. A “nectar collector,” also known as a “honey straw” or a “dab straw,” is essentially a portable dab rig. A dose of wax is placed on a flat surface and the user heats the tip of the collector with the torch until it’s hot.

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