Security Risk Management and Crisis Response

If you would like to learn more about the security services we offer check out ourmain page. As is common with us all, we love our gear and we can’t get enough. A common discussion in our Facebook group, The Protective Security Group, is travel gear and equipment. Purchase emergency mobile phones and a global sat communicator to run your team smoothly. Fifth, emergency mobile phones are also quite useful in many situations. In this regard, the SpareOne phone is one of a kind, and it has 2 AA batteries.

Really, if an executive protection agent uses some of these techniques, then they have failed their client. We know that there is plenty more executive protection gear that one can use during a detail. Before we begin, I would like to point out that every decision driving your tactics, techniques, attire, and gear should be based on yourtask, threat andenvironment.

The Sorensen organization, in contrast, moved toward a loss-control service for industry. It provided personnel trained to prevent and deal with losses from crime, fire, accident, and flood and established the pattern for security services in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in western Europe. The personal protective surveillance equipment market comprises several stakeholders, such as raw material suppliers, end-product manufacturers, and regulatory organizations in the supply chain.

Incorporating counterespionage measures and education/awareness training is an important part of executive protection. Executive protection is not just protection from physical harm, but protection from any potentially adverse acts or results that involve the executive. In some cases, local security firms are brought in as supplemental elements.

Executive protection , also known as close protection, refers to security measures taken to ensure the safety of VIPs. Celebrities, executives or other individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, celebrity status, wealth, associations or geographical location. Body armor is, after a guard’s gun and Sam Browne belt, is an important piece of gear. Whether one “stand post” armed, baton-armed or unarmed, security officers may be subject to attack by assailants. Specifically, three types, based on their levels to resist bullets, shotgun blasts and to a certain degree sharp-pointed weapons, should be worned. These are Level II, which can stop rounds up to a .45 bullet and birdshot, Level II-A, which can stop medium and large caliber bullets and a Level III, resistant to most handgun rounds, buckshot and some knife attacks.There are many options which would cover the common ‘tools of the trade’ however we will simply look at a few options I have had experience with and have become my ‘go-to’ options. For gear types, we will look at the options which facilitate beyond ‘shoot, move, communicate’ and enable a seamless integration into a corporate environment. The bottom line is that it is easy to be a ‘tactical gear nut’ but it is not easy to do so when trying to blend in and stay gray among an executive staff meeting, etc. I just wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend your CPR course. I know your focus is primarily training bodyguards but as a mother of two I wanted to learn CPR ‘just in case.’ I never realized there was such a difference between CPR for adults and CPR for infants. I now feel comfortable that if something bad were to happen I have the ability to do CPR.

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